Connect to the cloud with confidence with EarthLink Cloud Express.

Does your network and cloud infrastructure enable maximum performance and security for critical cloud applications? If it relies on an Internet connection, security can be an issue. Meanwhile, filtering content through a data center may cause latency. Cloud Express offers a simple, secure solution to these challenges, using MPLS to provide direct high-speed access to an expanding ecosystem of best-in-class SaaS / IaaS / PaaS cloud providers, and scalability for workloads from 50Mbps to 1Gbps.

Amp App security

Increase cloud security/isolate applications from threats and attacks using a secure MPLS connection.

Make clouds fly

Cloud Express eliminates bottlenecks ensuring Class of Service prioritization and superior performance.

Cut cost/complexity

Cloud Express makes it easy to scale bandwidth/optimize workloads to match your needs and minimize cost.


Providers with Cloud Express
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer and Cloud Sigma connectivity available now. Google Cloud, MS Office 365 and other SaaS and IaaS providers coming soon.

Secure Your Connections
Isolate from Internet security threats and denial of service attacks using a private MPLS connection. Includes optional Cloud Firewall to protect from intrusions through the cloud provider.

Guarantee High Availability and Performance
Hubbing of traffic into corporate aggregator sites is eliminated, and dual-path, fully redundant connections delivered using dual pairs of switching and routing equipment ensure an availability SLA of 99.999%.

Deploy and Scale Quickly and Easily
By leveraging existing cloud service providers, upgrading your technology is faster and easier and ensures secure, predictable performance. Easily scalable virtual network circuits provisioned and managed by EarthLink offer complete visibility via the myLink portal to save you time and resources.

How it works

Cloud Express is a highly-available, fault tolerant configuration of carrier grade routers, switches and firewalls that utilize these direct paths into the cloud. Redundant fiber cross-connects provide scalable and highly-available direct and private connectivity between our provider edge routers, aggregation switches and the downstream cloud service providers. Firewalls provide an added layer of protection between these public clouds and our private network customers.

Sample Configuration:

Available Options

There are two initial deployments available: Standard MPLS and the Single-Site Option.

Standard MPLS – This is for customers that already have or are planning to have EarthLink MPLS services in place. During the implementation process, EarthLink will configure your MPLS network to include reachability to the Cloud Express nodes where your cloud applications are running. All of your current and future MPLS endpoints have direct access to applications running in your Cloud Express locations, as shown below in a high-availability, dual-site design:

For customers that do not have and/or do not require EarthLink MPLS service but are looking for highly-available and scalable connectivity to their cloud applications, we can support a Single-Site Option. With this approach, customers that only have the need to connect a primary headquarters or data center location to the Cloud Express service can order the service and EarthLink will provision the customer as a single-site MPLS network and enable connectivity to the desired Cloud Express node(s) as shown below:

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