Combine MPLS and low cost Internet to meet diverse requirements in one design

Build a Hybrid Network by adding to or replacing expensive T1s with low cost, high bandwidth Internet connections. With a Hybrid WAN you can prioritize mission-critical traffic over your private MPLS network for better, predictable application performance and business continuity, while using IPsec for smaller locations or lower priority applications. The resulting Hybrid solution enables superior customer engagement and end-user experience, while building an ideal foundation for the addition of SD-WAN technology at anytime in the future as needs and applications evolve.

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Lay a Foundation for SD-WAN with a Hybrid Network

With a Hybrid Network, you don't have to force-fit your diverse requirements into a single network design, and you can lay the foundation for an SD-WAN.



Boost performance of business critical, real-time applications by diverting lower priority traffic to Internet connections.


Hybrid designs provide up to 100X the bandwidth at a similar or lower cost than a standard T1.


Hybrid WANs improve reliability and keep mission critical applications running with a second connection for failover.


Augment the Power of Your Private Network
Use low cost broadband Internet access to connect remote and smaller locations to economically extend your existing private network.

Access Agnostic
Numerous access options and speeds available for all your locations. It's vendor agnostic as well.

Load Balance Traffic to Prioritize Critical Apps
Designate the primary path for applications so business critical and latency/jitter sensitive traffic like voice/video travel over your most predictable, high performance connections, while using broadband for lower latency, less essential apps and Internet bound traffic.

Speed and Secure Cloud-Based Apps
Combine Hybrid WAN with EarthLink Cloud Express™ to get fast, reliable, secure connectivity to major cloud platforms and best of breed apps — without the expense of private dedicated connection.

Free-Up Internal Resources
EarthLink Hybrid WANs include fully managed CPE, as well as IPsec aggregation, freeing IT of tedious, tactical chores so they can focus on more strategic issues.

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Optimizing customer experience with hybrid networking


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